Renaissance Construction Signature in Nigeria


Opening of Sheraton Four Points Hotel which is the first Project in Nigeria of Renaissance MEA (Middle East & Africa) from among the Rönesans Holding Group Companies has been realized…

The President of the Renaissance Middle East & Africa Construction, Mustafa Özsüt, has said; “we are going to proceed on our way through new projects in several places of Africa.”

Renaissance MEA Construction which maintains its activities in 20 countries in the World, is completing currently also its projects in the new market countries. Renaissance MEA Construction which has completed in a short time such as, just one year, the Sheraton Four Points Hotel that is its first Project in Nigeria is now getting prepared to undertake the hotel and AVM (Shopping Mall) projects in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt cities of the same country.

Nigerian Ministers and the Federal Government Senator have joined the opening of the Sheraton Four Points Hotel in the Ikot Ekpene city in Akwa Ibom state of Nigeria. The Renaissance Construction Sub Sahara Regional Manager, Tolga Babüroğlu, who has spoken in the opening, has said; “We are experiencing the proud of accomplishing satisfactorily the work as a turn-key Project which we started it on April 10 last year and is a link of a worldwide celebrated hotel chain, within a short time such as, just one year time. We have completed 90% of the Project with local workers. Due to the contribution we have made to the local employment, the work potential we have created, our high quality and speed, the Nigerian executives have shared their satisfaction. When it is considered the contractors that perform rapid delivery, high quality work against affordable price, Renaissance occupies the first place of the World’s largest construction companies”.


Renaissance Construction which has become one of the mostly preferred companies in the region due to its feature of completing in high quality and earlier the projects it undertakes, is getting prepared to undertake several hotel and AVM (Shopping Mall) projects in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt cities of Nigeria. The Renaissance MEA Construction Regional Director, Mustafa Özsüt, who has pointed out that the said projects are under signature phase, has said; “It is being anticipated that the construction potential of Akwalbom state is around 5-7 billion dollars in the last 8 years elapsed. And, the managers of the country are quite satisfied to work with us because, the projects are resulted rapidly and in high quality. As Renaissance Construction, we are going to proceed on our way through new projects in several places in Africa”.


The Sheraton Four Points Hotel, the first West Africa Project of Renaissance MEA Construction which has expanded its activities in Africa has been constructed on an area of approximately 42 thousand square meters in Ikot Ekpene city in the Akwalbom state of Nigeria. The work has been completed by Renaissance MEA Construction as a whole from A to Z including, the Project design works, workshop drawings, civil works of the hotel, construction of the electrical and mecahinal systems, infrastructure systems beltways and landscape design works all. In the total 12-story Sheraton Four Points Hotel, 128 standard rooms, 16 suites, 2 king suits, 3 numbers of meeting halls, one SPA center, restaurants, one swimming pool, one tennis court and one roof cage take place.