In the heavy industry sector, Renaissance has been actively utilizing plant design software (PDS), a comprehensive and intelligent computer-aided system used to support plant design, construction and operation services, in its industrial projects with the aim of delivering plant projects more efficiently with better coordination. PDS has been used by its competent process engineers, plant designers, mechanical and structural engineers of Renaissance from scoping studies to feasibility analysis and front end design to detail engineering in the areas of petrochemicals, refineries, fertilizers, natural gas plants, power plants and process plants.

Renaissance Engineering Teams offers high-quality and reliable process, piping and layout, mechanical and vessel, civil, structural and architectural, electrical, instrumentation and automation engineering, and building electromechanical designs through the integration of PDS to the its engineering solutions. The benefits gained and areas where the PDS has been facilited are given as follows;


  • Automating design and editing activities
  • Identifying drawing inconsistencies
  • Importing specifications from other software
  • Quickly generating drawings, material lists,
  • Enabling design checks for interferences
  • Utilizing digital prototyping for equipment and skids
  • More easily creating equipment specifications
  • Visualizing equipment and skids in a 3D process model
  • Designing and analyzing structures in 3D models
  • More efficiently designing with intelligent structural objects
  • Providing more accurate engineering models
  • Better front-end engineering design


  • Improving coordination among stakeholders
  • Sharing of plant designs and models
  • Working via an interconnected model
  • Better coordination of piping and structural design
  • Optimizing designs and finding problems earlier with simulation
  • Better coordination of project information
  • Enabling more complete plant engineering data
  • Generating documentation from digital protoypes


  • Calculating detailed material quantities
  • Minimizing rework by identifying nonconformities earlier
  • Minimizing change orders
  • Improving the reliability of cost estimations
  • Creating bills of materials
  • Enabling confict resolution prior to construction


  • Simulating performance before manufacturing
  • Identifying constructability visually
  • Providing better coordination at site
  • Better understanding site conditions before delivery
  • Simulating site logistics in 4D models
  • Providing better site coordination and workflow planning
  • Providing enhance communication among stakeholders

Renaissance has also incorporated PDS in its Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) projects as PDS is helpful to deliver the projects in best design possible, in lowest cost, in highest efficiency and in most effective cooperation. Renaissance has also attached great important to the EPC contracting as it ensures safe delivery of projects due to effec­tive cooperation and joint efforts of project stakeholders. As an EPC contractor, Renaissance has entered into joint venture and consortium agreements with a wide range of technology providers, financial institutions and reputable international EPC contracts such as Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd., the Sojitz Corporation and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. Through its EPC projects, Renaissance has been successfully established solid long-term part­nerships and provided mutual benefit to all project participants.

Some of the services provided by the Renaissance in the context of its EPC projects are as follows;

Engineering (E)

· Detailed Engineering

· Reinforced concrete structures

· Steel structures

· Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing services (MEP)

· Architectural

· Infrastructure

Procurement (P)

· International procurement of building and MEP materials,

· Inter­national procurement of sanitary installation materials

· International procurement of process equipment

· International logistics of process equipment for large-scale EPC contracts

Construction (C)

· All types of construction works, including piling, concrete works, structural steel works, pipe installation, equipment assembly, painting, insulation, instrumentation, electrical installation, earthworks, MEP works, assembly works, etc.

· Pre-commissioning, commis­sioning, and start-up services